Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time is running way to fast

I took Lucas to school the other day and as soon as we got there, like I do every day, I took him out of the car, and then Luiza on her car seat, and there we went.
When I got inside the school one of the parents made a comment of me caring that heavy car seat with Luiza around building some muscles at least. I stopped and then I realized that Luiza is not a newborn anymore.She is 6 months already and she is heavy! Where did the time go? She stills a baby, a 6 month baby, but 6 months in her life and in my life too went by too fast.
It is funny how sometimes we need to be reminded of things like that, and even though that parent does not know, she made a huge impact in my life on that day. She made me want to hold my kids even more, kiss them and tell them how much I love them, and that is what I did!
I want to remember each one of the special moments of their life, I want to be there for them always,  I want to feel it with them, and I will!!
In my mindLuiza still my tinny little newborn and Lucas my handsome prince charm.
Here are my babies!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Day at the ZOO

Monday and Friday are fun days in my house. Lucas does not go to his Mother's Day Out program on those days yet, so those are the days that we can do anything that we want - I meant, he want!!

I am not a fun of Zoos, but because I know that most of the kids love it, I decided to take him to Birmingham Zoo the other day.
We got there around 9am and left around 3PM. Yes, that is right, we spent almost 6 hours inside the Zoo, and if you have being at Birmingham Zoo before you will know that it is not that big at all.
It was a good sunny day and  Lucas loved. We took a Train ride, carrousel's ride, saw same cute animals and others not so cute, pet a rooster, feed a pig and ended up spending a lot of energy playing in the water. 
Luiza, was great all the time, but she preferred to take her nap instead of petting those "strange" animals!!!
We had a great time and can't wait to be back there!!!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not sure how many times my husband and I visited Disney when we lived in Miami and we always had a great time. I just love Disney, but this time everything was different. It was magical!!!
Going to Disney with Lucas was something that I can not describe her, and having my sister and her kids, and my brother in law with us was even better.
We, the old people, were way to tired in the end of the trip, but with a huge smile on the face and the desire to go back again soon.
The kids, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, they were so happy!!!!
My husband and I have been telling Lucas that we were going to take him to the castle to see Mickey, Minnie, Buzz, and of course, Donald Duck, his favorite. When we got inside the park and he saw the castle, he could not stop screaming: Mom, Dad, look the castle!!!
Well, I think I will need to divide our trip to Disney in more than one post, LOL
Here are some pictures of the kids:

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Monday, February 21, 2011


We are planning our next trip to Brazil soon. My sister in law will get marry and we are going to her wedding.
We will take the opportunity that we are there in Brazil to Baptize Luiza. So, I am already planning her Baptize lunch celebration with a lot of help.
My sister Luana and my sister in law Gra are taking care of the decoration. Fernanda, my sister in law that is getting married will take care of the church; and I… well I am supervising all of them, LOL.
For the sweet table, I decided that I want some cupcake. Cupcakes are now a fever in Brazil, so Luana and Gra are taking care of the cupcake support, cupcakes cup and things like that and I need to make them. Today I decided to try for the first time to bake and decorate some cupcakes. It is not easy as I was thinking, especially with my shaking hands. I will need a lot of practice, but I think I will get there, with some extra pounds and a big mess I will do it.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Nice to see you too!!!

It has been a long time!!! It is nice to get back to my blog writing. I missed it!!! 
Last time I wrote was thanksgiving and so many things happened since that...
Lucas, my precious little boy is the best big brother ever!!! He loves to play with her, hug and kiss her, and she is all smiles when she sees him.
Luiza, my precious little girl is the best baby ever!!! She is always with a smile on her face! 
My husband and I are very luck!!!!
We had lots of guests those months: my parents in law, my sister in law, my sister with her kids and my brother in law. Busy, busy, busy!!!
 I will dedicate a post to our family trip to Disney, today I just want to say hello! Yes, I am coming back!!!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We had a great thanksgiving with great friends in New Orleans. For the second time, we spent Thanksgiving with Marcelo, Mike, Leonardo, Felipe e Rafael.
Lucas had lots of fun playing with his friends all day long.
That was Luiza's first trip and she did great.
We had great Brazilian Barbecue, a traditional Thanksgiving Lunch, and lots of goodies, but the best of all was the good company!!!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lunch Box

A few days ago a friend gave me the idea of some cute lunch to make for Lucas to take to school and I loved it. Yes, I know, I do need to work better on that, and yes I know I do need to work a lot better on that and I will, I promise.
Those are the first two lunches that I made for him using my new animal cook cutter and the ultimate cup cake spray,  hehehe.

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