Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not sure how many times my husband and I visited Disney when we lived in Miami and we always had a great time. I just love Disney, but this time everything was different. It was magical!!!
Going to Disney with Lucas was something that I can not describe her, and having my sister and her kids, and my brother in law with us was even better.
We, the old people, were way to tired in the end of the trip, but with a huge smile on the face and the desire to go back again soon.
The kids, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, they were so happy!!!!
My husband and I have been telling Lucas that we were going to take him to the castle to see Mickey, Minnie, Buzz, and of course, Donald Duck, his favorite. When we got inside the park and he saw the castle, he could not stop screaming: Mom, Dad, look the castle!!!
Well, I think I will need to divide our trip to Disney in more than one post, LOL
Here are some pictures of the kids:

Fun Playroom
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