Monday, February 21, 2011


We are planning our next trip to Brazil soon. My sister in law will get marry and we are going to her wedding.
We will take the opportunity that we are there in Brazil to Baptize Luiza. So, I am already planning her Baptize lunch celebration with a lot of help.
My sister Luana and my sister in law Gra are taking care of the decoration. Fernanda, my sister in law that is getting married will take care of the church; and I… well I am supervising all of them, LOL.
For the sweet table, I decided that I want some cupcake. Cupcakes are now a fever in Brazil, so Luana and Gra are taking care of the cupcake support, cupcakes cup and things like that and I need to make them. Today I decided to try for the first time to bake and decorate some cupcakes. It is not easy as I was thinking, especially with my shaking hands. I will need a lot of practice, but I think I will get there, with some extra pounds and a big mess I will do it.

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