Friday, February 18, 2011

Nice to see you too!!!

It has been a long time!!! It is nice to get back to my blog writing. I missed it!!! 
Last time I wrote was thanksgiving and so many things happened since that...
Lucas, my precious little boy is the best big brother ever!!! He loves to play with her, hug and kiss her, and she is all smiles when she sees him.
Luiza, my precious little girl is the best baby ever!!! She is always with a smile on her face! 
My husband and I are very luck!!!!
We had lots of guests those months: my parents in law, my sister in law, my sister with her kids and my brother in law. Busy, busy, busy!!!
 I will dedicate a post to our family trip to Disney, today I just want to say hello! Yes, I am coming back!!!

Fun Playroom
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