Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Going to NY?

Okay, I posted something about NY a few days ago. We were going to NY for the first time and we were looking for some suggestions on what to do there.  So, we went to NY, we had a good time there and now I am going to share with you a little bit about our trip.
Here is what happened: on Thursday evening we got the news that our Baby Dog Bela got ran over by a car. We could not believe it. It was not easy to accept. First thing that came to my mind was: I am not going to NY anymore, I do not want to go, I want to stay here! After ours crying and talking to my husband we decided that the best thing for us was to get out of here.

We got in NY on Friday morning. We checked in and we started walking, walking and walking. First stop was at Toys ‘r us with Lucas. He and we too, was amazed with all the toys, the Farris wheel…I became a child again inside that store. Another thing that caught Lucas attention were the lights on the street. He was on my husband shoulders with his eyes opened looking at everything around him. Everything was new, interesting and brilliant for him.
Next day, we went to Central Park and FAO. I loved both places. Central Park is amazing. We walked around, had some snacks, walked a little more, and went to the carousel with Lucas. I had never been in a carousel as fast as that one.

At night we went to a Brazilian Steak House. If you have never been to one, I suggest you to look for one in your city and try it. You will love it!!!! It is totally different from any other steak house you had been before.
On Sunday we met some friends and walked, walked, and talked, and had a great time together!!!!
I realized that NY with a 19 months old is not easy but it can be done!!! There is a lot to do with your little ones there, we did not had the time to do all the fun things that the city offers, but we did have a great time!!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your puppy:(
    I do hope that you have a good trip being together!

  2. We currently live about 90 minutes outside of NYC, and have ventured in a few times. Here's a post from the first time we ventured in with our (almost) two year old!

    So glad you enjoyed the city!!! I was actually there last weekend, for a church meeting. It's an amazing place!!

  3. I'm glad you got to use a few of my suggestions! I love "the city" as I call it. We live about 20 mins away.