Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Improvement and lots more..

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Well, here is how things are going in my house right now. As you all now I am pregnant, we are expecting our second son and I can't wait to meet him.  We live in a 3 bedroom house that has an unfinished bonus room since when we bought it. With our second son in his way we need an extra bedroom, so we decided to work on that. Calm down, let me be clear, we decided to have someone working on that. We did think ( my husband did to be honest with you) about doing it ourselves, but with my husband working 80 hours a week and me been pregnant and taking care of a lovely 19 months old Prince, that was going to be impossible. So for almost 2 weeks already I have people working on my house. I don't even need to say that my house is a mess right now. Dust everywhere, no matter how much I clean it, it still not cleaned, but I am sure it will pay back in the end. The room is already looking great and I can't wait to have it ready and share with you guys.  I promise I will post a before and after picture of it, when I have it ready.
I am also working on a picture board for Lucas' room and another board for baby's room that I think is going to look great ( I hope so). I will post some pictures of it later too. Since Lucas was born I wanted to do it for him and never had the time or chance to do it, but now I will find a time to do not just one, but 2 of those boards.
Is that enough for one person to be doing at the same time? No? Ok, here we go. My list keeps growing. I am also getting ready for my son' birthday party. His party will be a Farm Party. I love organizing and decorating kids' party. I should work with it! So, I am already going crazy with all the ideas on my mind. I just need a little more time to do all that, but I will get it all done, you will see.
Have a great day!!!!!
Fun Playroom
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