Thursday, April 8, 2010

What to do in NY wih a Kid?

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I am so sorry I have been out this entire week basically. I miss you all. My son is sick, he has another ear infection and if you had one or have a child that had one you know how much it hurts. It hurts me as much as on him. He is running fever, not eating at all and not sleeping very well, so I think you already accepted my apologies right?
Another thing, we were going to NY tomorrow morning. That was going to be my first time, but....I am not sure if we still going anymore.
You will not going to believe it, but I think I am not suppose to visit NY ever. I had  got tickets  to go there 2 other times and I could not go. Both times was when I lived in Miami and  we had a hurricane coming in our direction and the airport was closed, my flight was canceled and  I was not able to  visit NY.  Maybe next time I just need to pack and go the airport and buy my ticket at the last minute!!!
I just found this site with great things to do there, check it out here.
Have you been to NY? What is your favorite thing to do in NY or place to visit? Have you been there with a kid? What can you do in NY with a Kid?

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  1. we're going , my sister, my four kids and i in a few weeks and we are planning to view the statue of liberty, ground zero, toys r us in times square, the museum of natural history, and central park. this time.

  2. Hey, I was a nanny in NYC for a time. Fun things to do with kids (the boy I was with was almost 2):

    Central Park playgrounds--there are some really fun, safe play grounds around the perimeter of the park every 6 blocks or so. Our favorites were on the Upper West Side (UWS) at 85th and 96th streets. There are other playgrounds throughout the City, too. In fact, on the UWS in Riverside Park there are some GREAT water parks if it's warm while you're here.

    American Museum of Natural History-- M. LOVED the dinosaurs and the whales and looking at all the animals in the Africa section.

    CMOM (Children's Museum of Manhattan)-- expensive, but super fun. Also nap inducing.

    Central Park Zoo-- it's divided into 2 small parts: the main zoo and the children's zoo. They are small enough that you can do it with a young child in the morning before lunch & nap time. Penguins, polar bears, snow monkeys and sea lions were the favorites, and quick to get through. The Children's Zoo portion is fun, too!

    Marionette Theatre in Central Park-- You would need to call today to see if there are any tickets available while you're here. They sell out fast, but it's always a fun show!

    Those are just a few ideas. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!!