Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Fun List

I decided to make a list of fun activities to play with your kids at home. As you know, I do love to play with my son and to share those ideas with you guys too. Let's make a list together of some good activities to play with our precious little ones at home. I will start the list and you continue it. Here we go!!!

1-   Treasure hunt:  I prepare the game when Lucas is taking his nap, so he will not see it.  You can do it in many different ways depending on how old is your kid. If you have a little one that cannot read yet, use pictures as a clue for them to find the treasure or use some marks on the floor.  First thing you do is hide your treasure; then make some cards with pictures indicating where your treasure is. For example, if your treasure is under your bed, give your child a card with a picture of your pillow. He will probably run to your bed and look under your pillow. Then give your child another card with a picture of you sleeping in your bed, another card of something under your bed…. He will be learning a lot of new words and concepts like under, on top of, close to…
Another way to play it is making some trail on the floor. Last time I used numbers. Ask your kid to follow the numbers in the floor until he gets to the treasure.
2 – Homemade Playdough: Go here to see a old post with a recipe on how to make homemade playdough and have fun!!!
3 – Drawing:  Get a big paper and have fun drawing with your kid. Remember that what you draw will be a model for your child. Tell him what you are drawing, create a story about it. Ask him about his drawing too. You can draw with him using one paper for both of you guys. Another great way is to make some marks on the paper and ask him to finish it.
4 – Puppet show: Check here a post about Puppets. It is easy and fun to make and play.
Here is some Free and Fun activities to do with your kids during Spring Break in Birmingham, AL.

Let me know what activities you enjoy doing with your kid at home. I would love to read about your ideas...
Please add to the list!!! If you have any fun activities for mom and kids on your blog, let me know and I will add to this post!!!
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