Sunday, January 10, 2010

McWane Science Center

That is a great place to go with your kid, specially in days like yesterday. Like I mentioned before, we are not used to this cold weather and I do not like it. I am counting the days for the hot Summer, but while I am waiting, why not have some fun right?
family fun

We took our son to McWane Science Center today. He loves it. His favorite part is the big piano. I am still trying to figure out who likes going to McWane Science Center the most, my husband or my son.
If your kid is already walking, that is a place to go. They have areas reserved for little kids to play as for the big ones too. Get ready to play and go!


  1. We love McWane! Especially my husband. ;) We had an annual membership last year and it was TOTALLY worth it. It's a great deal!