Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Update of My New Life

I think I am doing great with my two kids, a lot better than I was expecting. Before Luiza was born, I heard from so many people how hard it was to have a second baby that I was waiting for the worse, and they were wrong ( at least for the first 3 weeks and a half). I don't want to say much, it can bring us some bad luck, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 
Luiza is a great baby. She is sleeping well, eating well, doing great. Having a little of a reflux now that is very uncomfortable for her, but other than that, she is just sweet as she can be. 
Lucas is now getting better. The first week was pretty tough for him and for us too. He was doing anything to call our attention and most of the time, it was something that he should not be doing. Now he is back to be our cute, smart and adorable little boy.
I have been out and about with those two, going to parks, lots of Halloween festival, trick or treating..... 
I know I should be resting, but when you have a 2 years old and I newborn, you don't have time to rest, especially when you don't have family around.

So, here is a picture of MY LIFE for you guys to see.

Fun Playroom
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