Friday, September 10, 2010

Luiza's room

We are almost there and Luiza's room is almost ready for her. Last week, while my brother and sister in law were here, we assembled the crib and dresser. My sister in law washed Luiza’s bedding and clothes, and arranged everything for me on the crib and closet.
Luiza already has more clothes than me, my husband and Lucas together.
I got all her bedding in Brazil while visiting our family last month.
We are not done yet, this weekend my husband will hang some shelves on the wall, and I am still shopping for a sleep sofa, or a day bed, or maybe just a chair for her room.
Here are some pictures of her room.

Fun Playroom
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  1. Looks amazing :) Love the flowers, such a lovely combination, congratulations on a beautiful nursery!

  2. A cara das coisas da Silvana lá da Ilha...acertei?
    Tá muito lindo Emília! Parabéns!