Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Shower and more

I am back!!!!
There is a lot going on in my life right now and that is why I am out. I am going crazy with all the things that I want to get done at the same time, but that is the way I am, and if I didn’t have all those things to do, I would create some. I am nonstop, just like my grandmother.
My husband and I are waiting for some important papers to arrive on the mail at any time, so we could go to Brazil to visit our families. Without this paper we can’t go, and because we don’t know when we are getting it, we can‘t make any plans, we can’t buy our tickets, we are stuck here!!!
So, since we are here, why not get some things done here right?! That is what we are trying to do. We are almost finishing our family/playroom upstairs, and I am very excited with the way it is turning out. Like I had promise before, when we finish I will post some before and after pictures here.
Last week I had the most beautiful baby shower ever!!! My friends organized it for me and it turned out so cute!!!

Regina was in charge of the decoration. She is amazing. She should be working as a party planner. She made some pop Cakes and decorates it like flowers in pink, purple and green. It turned out so cute!!!
My Brazilian friends were in charge of the great food and games. They painted my face every time I did not guess one of the gifts and let me tell you, because you will never see it, I ended up with a mustache, beard, and some tattoos all over my face. We had fun!!!
Here are some pictures of the shower!!! A especial thank you to my special friends!!!!

Fun Playroom
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  1. Everything was beautiful. I hope your papers get here soon so you can be on your way to Brazil.

  2. Ficou linda a decoração do chá de bebê.E você ta linda junto com suas amigas.VEM LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Márcia