Friday, June 11, 2010

ColorMeHouse Review

If you are following me for a few months already you probably noticed already that I am always looking for activities that promote creativity, and that is why I am really excited about introducing you guys to ColorMeHouse.
ColorMeHouse is a company founded by April McCray, a mom inspired by her passion for creativity. After years of her husband’s tales of childhood and memories of building forts of cardboard boxes as a child, April decided to create ColorMeHouse. ColorMeHouse was created to help children use their imaginations and be creative.
ColorMeHouse features a house and a rocket made of recyclable, eco-friendly cardboard made in the USA. ColorMeHouse is a great way to help kids think inside and outside of the box!!!
I got a ColorMeHouse rocket to play with Lucas, but to be honest with you; I am saving it for him to play in a few months. I think he will love it. I love the idea of this product and the quality of it too.
ColorMeHouse is offering a $10 discount to all Funplayroom readers. Just use the code: "rocketblast" at checkout. Visit their website to learn more about those fun ColorMeHouse!!!

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  1. That's a great idea! me and my sister with the other kids in the neighborhood used to do just that! We built a fort/castle out of old storage boxes that our parents didn't want in the basement, my parents helped us cut out pieces we wanted cut and we got to "decorate" it! I love reliving those childhood memories and I look forward to being able to pass them on to my daughter! Have fun, I know your son will!