Sunday, February 14, 2010

White Chocolate Popcorn Treats - Valentine's Day


Here is a special Valentine's Day treat that you can fix pretty quickly to someone special. I made those for Lucas to give to his teachers with her gifts and I am sure they loved it. Who would not like to get this sweet treat??
It could not go wrong, mixing popcorn, white chocolate and M&Ms together, hummmm.

I do need to tell you that I love to prepare those things for his teachers. That was my first time going out with him to pick a gift for them and then preparing this sweet little treat with lots of love to someone that take such a good care of my baby. They are very special people first for doing what they do everyday and second for loving my baby and caring about him. I love you guys for that!!! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!
Now, let's go back on how to make those special treats, it is pretty easy.
Pop some popcorn. Melt a bag of white chocolate in the microwave and pour it on top of the popcorn. Add some Valentine M&Ms to it and Mix it. Let it cool and harden so you can package it up pretty and give to someone special!!!
I also want to share this link with you. Here you will find another cute Valentine's Day treat. Let me know if you decided to try it, I may try it too.
Enjoy it!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

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