Thursday, February 18, 2010

Number Game

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I created this game for Lucas to play thinking that it will be a game that will grow with him. There is a lot of ways to play this game, use your imagination and create your rule. Here is some ideas of how we play at my house.
1-      Match colors – Put all colorful bags in a box where your child can not see it. Ask him to close his eyes and pick one bag. Now he needs to match the bag with the numbers colored at the board. (That is how I am playing now with Lucas!)
create educational games

2-      Toss game – Leave the board on the floor and you and your kid will each has his turn to toss the bags trying to get each color closer as you can to its match.
3-      Toss game 2 – Leave the board on the floor, toss the bags on the board trying not to match the colors but getting closer to the highest number on the board, and then ask your kid to add the points he got and your points to see who won the game.
create educational games

4-      Throw the dice – Throw a dice ( I would cover the number 6 if you kid is little so he would not get confused, you can put a smile face there and if he gets it, it means extra points for him.) and try to match the number and the color. If you don’t have that color in your hand, you will try again in your turn.  Whoever puts all his bags on the board first wins the game.
5-      Throw the dice for big kids – Divided the bags between the players. 2 bags to each one, whoever ends his bags first gets the extra bag. Throw the dice 2x. If you have the red bag which is number 3 you need to try to get number 3 on the dice by getting the actual number or adding or subtracting the numbers that you got to see if you can get to 3. Whoever ended with no bags on his hands won the game.
You are teaching colors, numbers, math, vocabulary, follow instructions, practicing motor skills, and more important, having a great time with your son!!!
create educational games

Tell me how you and your family would play this game.


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