Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Event

I am from Brazil, and there we have no winter at all. It is summer all year long, I saw snow for the first time a few years ago in Philadelphia when visiting some friends.
Snow for me still a magic thing. So, yesterday here in Birmingham, Al the schools were closed because of  a chance of having some snow.

I was so excited and ready to go out and play with Lucas and Bela. I have it all painted in my mind. I could see us rolling in the snow, making some snowman, snow balls.....
It was around 1PM when I saw some Snow Flakes coming. I was waiting for more, and waiting, waiting....,when I decided to go out with Lucas and at least show him what it looks like before it was gone. He did like it, and had a lot of fun.
Lucas was trying to catch the snowflakes and watching him watching the snow was beautiful.


  1. Following you from MBC! Love your photos!

  2. Your son is adorable!

    Following from MBC!