Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus

Yesterday we went to BJCC to see Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus and it was so much fun!!! I think the last time I went to a Circus was years ago in Brazil with my Aunt Erika and all my cousins. I will tell you about her one day, she was the best.
family fun

Lucas and I got there when the show was starting. Getting there was the first adventure of the day. Believe it or not, I did get lost in Birmingham Downtown. After a few minutes driving in circles I finally got there. The second adventure of the day was to find my friend. Thanks to my friend that not only got the tickets for us, but she also helped us to get there at BJCC and to get on our seat. Thank you!!!
family fun

The show started and Lucas loved it. He was clapping his hand, imitating the lion, pointing to every single thing that he was seeing there. He was having a blast and mom too. I wonder sometimes how those people that work there can do all that stuff, I can barely seat with my legs crossed. They are very good. The contortionists always amazed me, are they made of rubber or something like that?
The animals were a plus too. The elephants and lions were Lucas favorites!!! Did you know that an elephant spend 6 hours a day sleeping and 18 hours eating? I would love to have some "elephants days" sometimes, LOL!

During the break we went for a walk and of course we ended up eating popcorn, cotton candy, taking some pictures, playing with all those fun toys that they had there.
That is a must for this weekend in Birmingham, AL. Kids of all ages will love it and parents too, because there is nothing better than seeing your kids having fun!!!!

Fun Facts about Circuses:

  • Pink Lemonade was created accidentally by a circus vendor who used a bucket of water that another performer had used to wash her red tights. (It does not sound so good anymore, LOL)
  • Circus balloon sellers are called rubbermen.
  • A lion trainer cracks his whip to distract the lion so he will forget about attacking.
  • To get elephant skin really soft, caretakers sometimes use furniture soap.
  • Elephants must hold the tails of the ones in front of them during a parade to stop them from plucking things from spectators.

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