Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's play outside!!!

family fun

 After all those days inside our house Lucas and I had a chance to go to the park. Lucas was sick last week, and on top of that it was tooooooooo cold to go out. He loves playing at the park and I do love to go there with him too. It is a great way to talk to other moms, to let your kid play with other kids and the best of all watching him playing with other kids.
I love watching Lucas, how he respond to other kids, how they play together. It is funny how quick they learn from each other. Lucas was following a little boy (he was about 4 years old) at the playground. He would try to talk to him (on his own language), the little boy would try to answer him back and they kept playing for at least 30 min together. Lucas saw his new friend swinging at the playground bar, and there he went too. I thought it was so cute to see him learn new things and making new friends. Seen his proud face of  I DID IT!!!! was the best of all.

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  1. I remember those playground days. they were so much fun. I'm glad you both enjoyed your day!