Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's paint!!!

Lucas loves colors, things with texture, smell.. . Everything is new and fun for him. He is discovering a new world everyday and I try to let him experiment as many things as possible. He is very curious about everything around him, and that is how he learns new things. He learns by touching things, holding, looking, listening, tasting, and feeling everything in sight.  Today I decided to let him touch, smell, make a mess in our house and I love the results of it. We had a lot of fun together and I am sure, he learned a lot today.
painting party

I mixed a little bit of glue with colored sugarpainting party and water. I had only two colors in my house, I wish I had more, but that was ok. Next time we will have the entire rainbow here.
painting party

I prepared the mix while he was taking his nap, but if your kid is a little older than mine I would suggest you mix it with him. I am sure he will like to see the white glue turning red, blue, green…
painting party

What did you do today with your kid?


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  2. Cute lil guy!! I remember when mine were that little we also painted with yogurt.

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  3. we're printing an iron on for his t-shirt.

    from MBC