Sunday, January 24, 2010

Animal Board Game

Back in Brazil, I used to be a teacher. I loved it so much. I loved spending time with my little group, playing and teaching then at the same time. I used to create a lot of different fun games to teach them basic things, and they loved it.
Animals Board Game

Now, living here in the USA I know that even though me and my husband just speak Portuguese with our son, chances are that he will lose it on his way, and that is something that I want to prevent it from happening. I decided that I am going to teach him how to read and write Portuguese.
educational games

I made this fun board game for him and since then we have been using it to play so many different games.
educational games

Here is a list of a few games that you can play with this board.

1-      Matching words and pictures
2-      Which animal makes this ….. sound? Imitate a dog barking for example and ask you kid to tell you which animal is that. If he gets it right, he can keep the animal. In the end whoever has more animals wins the game. After playing ask your kid to tell you something about the animals that he got, which one he likes the most, how big is this animal, where does it live, what does it eat….
educational games

3-      Sensory Memory game.
 (    Put all those animals in a bag, ask your kid to close his eyes and try to find inside the bag one animal that has a big tale, 4 legs and barks. He cannot see it, he needs to feel it. When he gets it he can match the animal with his name on the board.

4-      Question of the day.
      Make a list of simple questions about those animals, things that you have been talking about with your kid when you guys are playing it. Write it in a paper and keep adding more questions every day. You can help your kid to formulate the answers. Write it in your paper.  In the end you will have an Animal book.
educational games

I will keep posting more activities to do with this board game; there are a lot of then.
To make a board game you will need a paper board, colored tape, hot glue, and some pictures of animals. I got those at Hobby Lobby.
educational games

Hope you like it!!!!


  1. My husband speaks Portuguese. (I do not.) What a cute idea! Thanks for following my blog. I'm returning the favor.

  2. I love it! Thank you for such wonderful ideas! Keep them coming!

  3. That's awesome! You know I used those SAME animals for the nursery at my church. They are on the cubbies for the kids' things. I will have to get more and steal this wonderful idea! lol.

    ('s me..Richele! LOL)

  4. estou adorando seu blog,você vai fazer sucesso!!Tudo ta muito interessante.Te amo.Márcia