Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Card

We spent our Thanksgiving with some great friends in New Orleans. We had a wonderful time, and Lucas… he had a blast playing around with 3 more boys. It is amazing how kids became best friends in a matter of a second. They played soccer, wii, blocks and all sorts of toys. The best of all was the 4 of them dressed up as a super hero. Lucas was Super Man. I love it. Did not have a chance to take a picture, I guess it was because; you know Super Heroes fly to fast, LOL. But I did take a picture that I really like. The youngest of our friends 3 boys dressed up as Santa for me to take some pictures. We all went outside, I mean me, 4 kids, 1 dog and my friend. She was trying to take care of all of them while I was trying to take a picture of our handsome Santa. I do love the results of this adventure. My friend will use this picture for their Christmas card, and I am very happy with that too. Here is a website that I had suggested her to make her cards. The quality of the prints are amazing!!!
Here is the picture of the most handsome Santa ever!!!!

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