Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pine Wreath


I got this idea at ucreate blog. Go there if you have a chance and check all the great stuff they have there and  make sure to tell them that you found then trough my blog.


I love making some crafts, it is so relax. Making this pine wreath was even better than any other craft that I had ever made in my life because I had Lucas and my husband helping me. We start with a early family walk at the lake to collect some pines. We had a great time walking, talking, singing and playing with 3 border collies.

When back home, I started to work on my project. My one hour project ended up been a one day long project and I love it.

I love  how it turned out in the end. Here is a pictures of it.  If you want to make one for yourself, ( and I assure you can do it), go to ucreate page and follow her steps.

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