Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time is running way to fast

I took Lucas to school the other day and as soon as we got there, like I do every day, I took him out of the car, and then Luiza on her car seat, and there we went.
When I got inside the school one of the parents made a comment of me caring that heavy car seat with Luiza around building some muscles at least. I stopped and then I realized that Luiza is not a newborn anymore.She is 6 months already and she is heavy! Where did the time go? She stills a baby, a 6 month baby, but 6 months in her life and in my life too went by too fast.
It is funny how sometimes we need to be reminded of things like that, and even though that parent does not know, she made a huge impact in my life on that day. She made me want to hold my kids even more, kiss them and tell them how much I love them, and that is what I did!
I want to remember each one of the special moments of their life, I want to be there for them always,  I want to feel it with them, and I will!!
In my mindLuiza still my tinny little newborn and Lucas my handsome prince charm.
Here are my babies!

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