Friday, August 20, 2010

Lucas' Birthday Party

We celebrated Lucas 2nd Birthday Party in Brazil with our family and friends there. We had a great time. The party was beautiful, and Lucas had so much fun. Watching him having fun with his friends and family was great.
The theme of his party was Nemo, he loves Nemo. I don’t know how many times we watched Finding Nemo here in my house.
We had a lot of toys for the kids to play, a play area with play dough, legos, crafts,  a bouncer, swing….  And the best of all, a special Mini Bar for the kids with juice, hot dogs, mini pizzas, Brazilian cheese bread..hummmm!!!
For the big kids, I meant the big ones like mom and dad, we had a lot of goodies too that I prefer not to even remember because if I do so I will want to go back to have it all again. You know, being pregnant and talking about food sometimes is not the best thing to do, it can be a problem, LOL.
So, the most important part was that Lucas had a blast. He got a guitar as a gift from Pedro, his godfather. After singing Happy Birthday and him blowing the candle he jumped on top of the table with his guitar and put up a show for everyone. It was so cute!!! He loves music.
Here are some pictures so I can share this happy moment with you guys.

Those are the Brazilian Deserts that are very popular in every kids party. They are delicious!!! 

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Gra, Lipe, Dinda, Giulia, Vovo Marcia, Lucas, Me and Jose

Titica, Vovo Aparecida, Lucas, Papai e Vovo Ze Osorio

Kids Mini Bar

Having Fun!!!

Show Time!!!

Fun Playroom
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