Monday, May 17, 2010

Chocolate Mousse Cups from Bakerella

I few days ago I mentioned to you guys another great recipe from Bakerella. Me and a friend decided to try this fun and delicious recipe with our little ones.
The good thing with this recipe is that you can use this chocolate cup for so many things. I used it to serve ice-cream and I am planning on making them for Lucas Birthday Party and let the kids decorate their ice cream and have fun. I think they will love it, don't you think so?
I had prepared my favorite Chocolate Mousse a day before and had everything else ready for the "party".
Well, how can we have a party without balloons?? So we started to blow some small  water balloons. Those are perfect size to make the chocolate cups but, pretty hard to fill with air.

Balloons were clean and ready to be used, so them the fun started!

Lucas was watering looking into the chocolate. Mom, can I try it now???
That is fun Mom, can I try it now???

Okay Mom, I think that will be more than enough. Can I try it now???

Please Mom, let me try it now. Can I??? 

This is so much fun, love the colors!!!

Humm, now you can try 1, 2, 3... Can I have just one more Mom???
Visit Bakerella for the recipe of this Chocolate Cups and a lot more!!!
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  1. This is such a great idea! I am going to have to give it a try--maybe for my son's birthday.

  2. I LOVE those chocolate cups!!! What a fun mom you are :)