Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breaking News - It's a Girl!!!!

Well, when I was at my 12 weeks we did an ultrasound and we were told that we are having a boy. The guy told me that he was 90% sure it was a boy. On top of that I check that Chinese Birth Calendar and it just confirm what the guy had told us. 
So, after that, we told everyone that we were having a boy. I started shopping for boy's clothes, planning a boy' nursery and so and so.
Yesterday we went back to have the 4D ultrasound and the lady kindly asked me if we wanted to know the sex. I, without thinking, told her that we knew it already: It is a boy! A few minutes later she asked me if I took the tag out of all the things that I got for " Baby Boy" and  I said no. So she said: “Good for you. You are having a girl and you better starting buying all the pink clothes now!!!”
We could not believe it. I almost jumped out of the bed. I was laughing, crying.. all at the same time. My husband was kind of frozen. He asked her to check it again, again and again to make sure that now there was no mistake.
We were very happy with the news of having a boy, especially for Lucas. They would be great brothers and friends, but we are very happy too with the news that we are having a Girl and not a boy, so now we will have our prince and our princess, and I can't wait to meet her.
Pictures of the 4D will be posted  soon. 

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