Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Delicious Ideas!!!

My friend Regina from Bargain Bombshell Blog and I attempted to make some Easter Bunnies inspired by Bakerella. I've mentioned Bakerella before in another post. I am a number 1 fan of Bakerella. The blog is awesome, she is creative, professional and she is great. If you haven’t visited Bakerella yet, you should do it now and I am sure you will love.

Here is how our Easter Bunnies turned out.  Not so bad for our first time and probably my last time, LOL. I had a hard time covering the oreo balls with chocolate. It is not easy if you do not have much experience (like us) covering it beautifully like they did at Bakerella, but I will get better, I will keep trying. Instead of cake, we used some Chocolate Oreo Balls. Have you tried those Oreo Balls before? No?? How come?? I am addicted to it. It is so easy to make and so delicious. You got to do it.

Here is the recipe:
Chocolate Oreo Balls
1 package of oreo cookie.
8oz of Cream Cheese
Break your cookies in small pieces, (I like to break it before even open the bag). Mix the cream cheese with your cookies and then make some small balls. Put it on your freezer for 20 min just to get harder. Melt some chocolate (black or white) and dip your oreo balls on it. Put it back on the refrigerator for 15 min and enjoy it. Best of all, you can freeze it.Okay, you probably know already that I am the Freezer Queen. I do freeze everything that I can just to make my life easier. I always have some Oreo Balls in my freezer for those crazy days that we crave some sweet, if you know what I am talking about. LOL
You can use your oreo balls instead of the cake  to make a lot of recipes from Bakerella. I love their Cake Pops, cupcakes, cake balls, desserts, is all so pretty!!!!
Are you cooking or baking anything delicious this easter?
Happy Easter to all of you!!!

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  1. It looks like you did a good job after I left too! I wonder how much easier it would have been if we had done cake instead of Oreo balls? But Oreo balls taste 100x better! :D

    Hope you have a great Easter weekend-maybe we can get together again soon to do something else like this, it was fun!

  2. kkkkkkk!!!!!!!Estâo engraçados e lindinhos.Beijo.Márcia

  3. Those Oreo balls sound so good! Following you from MBC.