Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Day at the Lake

We love to play outside, grill, and go for a walk, especially at the lake. We found a special spot at the lake that we like to call our private beach at the lake.

We love to take Lucas there. He loves to play at the sand, with the water, get wet and be a kid. I do think that is very important for him to have those kinds of experiences. He is learning he is having fun; he is having a great family time.  Last time we went there, it was a little chilly and Lucas decided to get wet anyway, so we took his shoes off and let him play at the water.  I was having so much fun just watching him discovering the water, the waves, the wind, temperature… He would go back and forward following the waves and laugh every time the waves got him.
Here are some pictures of our “Secret Private Beach” day at the lake. 
I love this picture!!!

Fun Playroom
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  1. Me and Autumn want to go to the private beach with you! :D