Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amazing Dog

  Those last days were crazy at my house, and I did not have the time to open my computer, sorry. I miss you guys too.
We lost our Dog Bela last Thursday. She was our baby and we loved her so much. She was part of our family. Only someone that has a dog or had one can understand how much we loved her, and misses her.
She was an amazing dog. She was always happy when we get home, even if we had left for only 5 min, she would be so happy to see us back like if we were gone for days. She took care of Lucas. She was Lucas’ best friend, babysitter, sister…. I remember one day that I was busy doing something and Lucas had just awake from his nap. I left him there for maybe 2 or 3 min to finish something. Bela would not accept it. Lucas was up and I was supposed to be there right away according to her. She would go crazy trying to take me to his room. When I got there, she of course, got there first as usual, was up on his crib and he was happy as he could be playing with her.
Bela was a joy in our life and we will miss her forever, especially Lucas. He does not understand yet what happened to her, and he is calling her all day long. It is breaking my heart to see it.
My mom, told me one thing that is a saying in Brazil that when a loved pet die all of a sudden it is because he was protecting his family. I do like to believe that it is true, even just for the poetry of this saying, and I do love her even more because of it.
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  1. Oh Emilia, I have tears in my eyes...specially the part where you say Lucas is calling her all day long...I am so very sorry for your loss!