Monday, February 1, 2010

What a good mess!!!

I am not the best painter, and to be honest I am closer to be the worse painter ever, but I still love to paint and believe me, sometimes I do hang some of my “beautiful Paints” at home.  
Lucas paints/draws are something else. I love all of it. He still on the phase of circles, dots, learning that the mark on the paper is a consequence of his movements, moving his entire body with his hands to draw, using both hands some of the times. He is learning, he is my little scientist that is testing some new things every day, and I feel like the luckiest mother in the earth to be able to experiment it with him.
Here is an idea for all moms: Once a month or so give your kid a paper and a pencil and let him draw what he wants without any interfere. When he gets a little more verbal you can ask him about his draw and write his words on the BACK of his paper, and date it. You will be amazed with his development and how cute is to see it. I used to do that with my students in Brazil and give it to their parents in the end of the year. That was a good way to keep track of their development and a good memory book to parents to keep forever.

Last week we decided to paint. I am always paint on my kitchen since is too cold to paint outside and my kitchen floor is very easy to clean, so I don’t care if he spills paint all over it.
I gave him a big paper, paint, brush and sponges. He did like the brushes and did try the sponges, but what he loves the most was to use his body to paint. He first put his fingers on the paint, than his hands, his legs, feet…oh, what a good mess!!!


  1. LOL Looks like fun!!! My kids paint a lot- but at the table with paint brushes and each with their own wash cloth. LOL. I'm not sure I'd dare try this! Cute though!!!

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  2. What a cutie!!

    I never thought about writing their words on the back of their picture. What a great idea!

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